Our Work on the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

How the UN is supporting The Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

Indonesia is transforming at a rate faster than at any time in its history. With the 2030 Agenda in mind, the nation is moving towards a higher value, globally integrated, lower-carbon economy. The United Nations collaborates with the Government of Indonesia, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and private sector entities to effectively achieve the SDGs through an integrated approach. The UN will also strengthen its partnerships with regional and district authorities and communities to deliver sustainable development results. In addition, the UN will expand its cooperation to include industry associations, think tanks, data managers and scientific and technology-driven agencies who offer the prospect of innovation for integrated development solutions, so critical for the achievement of the SDGs.

The Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

The United Nations is committed to working with the Government of Indonesia to building a nation that is prosperous, democratic, and just, where development benefits all people, and where the rights of future generations are protected. True to the promise of the SDGs to “leave no one behind”, the UN’s approach combines a strong focus on the poorest of the poor, combatting discrimination and rising inequalities and addressing their root causes. “Leaving no one behind” means prioritizing people’s dignity and placing the progress of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities first. This central and transformative promise has become more important than ever to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and work towards a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive recovery.