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Pulse Lab Jakarta Transforms as United Nations Global Pulse Asia Pacific to Foster Innovation Across Region

23 June 2023


Jakarta, 23 June 2023—Pulse Lab Jakarta has officially transformed into a regional innovation powerhouse with the launch of United Nations Global Pulse Asia Pacific. This expansion as a regional hub is a concrete follow-up to the G20 Bali Leaders’ declaration and marks a considerable milestone for driving innovation and sustainable development across the region.

First initiated in 2012 as a joint innovation facility between the United Nations (via Global Pulse) and Indonesia (via the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas), Pulse Lab Jakarta has evolved over the years from being a big data innovation lab to an analytical partnership accelerator. “The Government of Indonesia is grateful to have worked in close collaboration with Pulse Lab Jakarta over the last ten years and we are excited to host the new Global Pulse Asia Pacific hub”, said Mr. Taufik Hanafi, Executive Secretary from the Ministry of Development Planning. “This transformation signifies great possibilities for the future of the region and Indonesia looks forward to being part of the journey.

An event was hosted from 22-23 June to celebrate Pulse Lab Jakarta’s achievements and to mark the official launch of the expanded Asia Pacific hub. The event showcased Pulse Lab Jakarta’s impact through an interactive exhibition and engaged in panel conversations with experts on inclusive data innovation, digital transformation, strategic foresight, and behavioral science, to stimulate knowledge sharing on key issues that the hub will potentially engage.

Long-term collaborations with a multitude of stakeholders, including the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Australia, have enabled the Lab to strengthen the effectiveness of governments, as well as the public and private sectors. Australia’s Minister Counsellor for Governance and Human Development, Ms Madeleine Moss said, “As a long-term supporter of Pulse-Lab Jakarta, Australia is delighted to support Indonesia’s leadership in transitioning Pulse-Lab to a new regional hub. Based on its own digital transformation journey Indonesia has much it can usefully share with the region. This joint effort solidifies both countries’ dedication to driving innovation and sustainable development in the Asia Pacific.

As the spaces we operate in continue to rapidly evolve, there is a greater need to develop and apply innovative solutions that are better able to address the challenges of our modern world. The regional hub will build upon the track record of Pulse Lab Jakarta, which has over a decade of success in undertaking over 100 prototypes and establishing over 50 new partnerships and will position Indonesia and the United Nations at the forefront of regional innovation initiatives. “Over the years, the Lab has strengthened the capabilities and effectiveness of UN agencies and their stakeholders, and as the Asia Pacific hub, they will add even greater value to the region,” said Ms. Valerie Julliand, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Indonesia.

The regional hub will play the role of enabler for the UN system and its development partners by championing a UN 2.0 that is fit for the future. “The challenges of today are increasingly complex and require innovative and holistic solutions to address them,” said Ms Ayaka Suzuki, the Director of the Strategic Monitoring Unit in the Secretary-General’s Office. “The launch of Global Pulse Asia Pacific is a significant milestone. It will help advance the UN Secretary-General’s vision of a UN that can better support an inclusive and sustainable future.”
This new era of collaboration and innovation in the Asia Pacific region is an exciting opportunity for countries across the global south to collaborate, learn and grow together. In doing so, we can ensure that the impact of our work is not only timely and sustainable but we can also ensure that no one is left behind.


About The Launch of United Nations Global Pulse Asia Pacific

The UN Global Pulse Asia Pacific hub launch comes to build on the successes of Pulse Lab Jakarta and will position the Jakarta based hub as an enabler for the UN system in the region. The regional hub will run portfolios of on-the-ground innovation projects that apply data, digital, foresight, and behavioral science methods to regional issues.

The Asia Pacific regional hub will be deeply rooted in regional partnerships and will facilitate access to identify challenges, map solutions and test with end-users on the ground. It will work in support of Resident Coordinators and in partnership with the UN specialized agencies, funds, and programmes that lead country-level work.

This year marks a decade of Pulse Lab Jakarta’s operations and its transition to United Nations Global Pulse Asia Pacific. To this end, Pulse Lab Jakarta intends to hold an event celebrating the 10 years of achievements and impacts and announcing the launch of United Nations Global Pulse Asia Pacific to create wider impacts across the region.

A Decade of Pulse Lab Jakarta and Launch of UN Global Pulse Asia Pacific event will take place on 22-23 June 2023. This event will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from government agencies, Asia-Pacific country representatives, UN Agencies, donor organizations, civil society organizations, academics, development partners, PLJ staff and alumni, youth and the general public.

Visit our event website for more information:

About Pulse Lab Jakarta

Pulse Lab Jakarta is a joint data innovation facility of the United Nations (Global Pulse) and the Government of Indonesia (via the Ministry of National Development Planning). Functioning as an analytic partnerships accelerator, the Lab operates in the problem, solution and identity spaces. As part of its mandate, PLJ is focused on catalyzing connections across the United Nations, governments, the private and development sectors, as well as civil society to support policies and action for effective development and humanitarian practice.


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