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The United Nations, nationwide universities, and digital leaders join forces to enhance Indonesia's digital capabilities

15 March 2024


One person signs a paper on a table while four other people witnessing the signing ceremony
Caption: Rini Widyantini SH MPM Secretary of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) signed the agreement document of Indonesia's Digital Transformation multi-stakeholders partnership together with DR Nelly, S.kom, MM, CSCA as the rector of BINUS University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Y. Budi Widiniarko, M. Sc, Chairman of the NUNI Board and Valerie Julliand, UN in Indonesia Resident Coordinator and Prof. Ignasius D.A Sutapa, M.Sc. Chairman of the Indonesian Digital Leaders Association (APDI).
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia – March 15 – Today marked the launch of the "Indonesia's Digital Transformation Multi-Stakeholders Partnership," a new initiative to boost Indonesia's digital infrastructure and capabilities to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Seventy rectors from universities in Indonesia, heads of UN agencies, ambassadors, representatives from international organizations, and other stakeholders in Indonesia's digital development attended the launch in the Auditorium of BINUS University. 

Based on Presidential Regulation 82/2023 Accelerating Digital Transformation and Integrating National Digital Services, the Government of Indonesia, with the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) as the coordinator has committed to realising quality public services and strengthening cyber and information security. 

"We fully understand that collaboration is very important. We are very open to support from UN agencies or other parties in various initiatives. With the upcoming government transition, the current momentum needs to be maintained and continued," Rini Widyantini, Secretary of the Ministry of PAN RB, said in her keynote speech at the launch of the partnership.  

Rini also explained some of the government's priorities related to digital transformation that require mutual support including the strengthening of the Electronic Based Government System (SPBE) team, institutional evaluation, policy evaluation, and enhancing the digital capabilities of the state apparatus.

Rini Widyantini is giving a speech behind a podium
Caption: Rini Widyantini, Secretary of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, delivering her speech during the launch of the "Indonesia's Digital Transformation Multi-Stakeholders Partnership"
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

This initiative was conceived by ten UN agencies, the Nationwide University Network of Indonesia (NUNI), and the Indonesian Digital Leaders Association (APDI) wishing to support the digital transformation in Indonesia, lessen the digital divide and promote inclusive digital education that helps propel economic expansion.

"Addressing the digital divide is crucial for harnessing digital technology to tackle global challenges such as poverty and climate change," stated Valerie Julliand, UN Resident Coordinator in Indonesia. "Our collaboration seeks to ensure digital tools are accessible and benefit to all."

The partnership underscores the importance of digital access and literacy as foundational development elements, striving to address disparities in digital technology access and usage.

"BINUS University is proud to be one of the twenty-one universities in Indonesia (NUNI) that will collaborate closely with the United Nations (UN) and the Association of Indonesian Digital Leaders (APDI) to improve the digital literacy of Indonesian society and accelerate inclusive and sustainable digital transformation in the future," said Dr. Nelly, S.Kom., M.M., CSCA, Rector of BINUS University.

Addressing the Digital Divide for All

The initiative adopts a holistic approach, involving multiple societal sectors and concentrating on vital areas such as digital skills, security, ethics, culture, and the economy.  

This collaborative effort includes government entities, UN agencies, educational institutions, the private sector, and community organizations, all working together to cultivate a society capable of thriving in the digital age.

"This partnership highlights the significance of collective action in creating a society that leverages digital technology for empowerment and progress where it aligns closely with one of four pillars, which is in research and innovation to contribute to societal development," remarked Prof. Dr. Ir. Y. Budi Widianarko, M.Sc. NUNI Chairperson.

This multi-stakeholder partnership also recognizes the crucial role of gender and disability inclusion in achieving a truly equitable digital landscape. By prioritizing these aspects, the "Indonesia's Digital Transformation Multi-Stakeholders Partnership" further strengthens Indonesia's position in advocating for these crucial aspects at the upcoming UN Summit of the Future 2024, contributing to the development of a global digital compact that prioritizes equitable access and participation for all. 

Eight people standing on a stage
Caption: (from left to right) UNESCO National Officer Zakki Gunawan, DR Nelly, S.kom, MM, CSCA, Rector of BINUS University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Y. Budi Widiniarko, M. Sc, Chairman of the NUNI Board, Rini Widyantini SH MPM, Secretary of the Ministry of PAN RB, Valerie Julliand, UN in Indonesia Resident Coordinator, Maniza Zaman, UNICEF representative, Prof. Ignasius D.A Sutapa, Chairman of APDI, at the launch of Indonesia's Digital Transfromation multi-stakeholder partnership.
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

Empowering the Youth with Digital Skills

One of the objectives of this initiative is to equip Indonesian youth with the digital skills necessary for the future, aiming to foster a dynamic digital economy characterized by innovation and knowledge.

"Our goal is to ensure fair access to digital opportunities, allowing all Indonesians to participate in and benefit from the digital economy," said Prof. Ignasius D.A. Sutapa, APDI Chair.

Aligned with Indonesia's National Medium-Term Development Plan and the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, the initiative underscores the importance of innovation and partnerships in achieving the SDGs.

It also aligns with the goals of the United Nations Secretary-General's Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, focusing on digital inclusion and connectivity as global imperatives.

Valerie Julliand speaking behind a podium
Caption: The Resident Coordinator of UN in Indonesia, Valerie Julliand, delivers remarks at the launch of Indonesia Digital Transformation Multi-Stakeholder Partnership
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

"With this partnership, we use digital technology to tackle developmental issues, making sure digital benefits reach all across Indonesia,” Valerie added.

This initiative supports several SDGs, including Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequalities, and Partnerships for the Goals. The ten UN agencies backing this initiative include FAO, IOM, ITC, ITU, UNDP, UNESCO, UNHABITAT, UNICEF, UNIDO, and WHO.


UN in Indonesia: 

The UN in Indonesia works to support development efforts by the Government of Indonesia with a focus on vulnerable population segments. Under the motto Leave No One Behind, 26 UN agencies, funds and programmes, work in a coordinated manner to provide integrated policy advice and implement projects using a rights-based approach in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2023, the combined delivery of UN in Indonesia exceeded US$ 110 million


NUNI stands for Nationwide University Network in Indonesia (or in Bahasa: Jejaring Perguruan Tinggi Nusantara); A consortium of prominent 21 Indonesian universities that collaboratively strive for a strategic goal in enhancing the quality of Indonesian higher education via its four collaborative pillars (Student Mobility​, Faculty & Staff Mobility​, Research & Innovation​ and Global Reputation​).


Indonesia Digital Leadership Association (IDLA) at is a community of Digital Leaders to accelerate the Digital Transformation through collaboration in the digital era.

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