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Those Not Left Behind: Uniting for Inclusive Development in Indonesia

22 March 2024


Valerie Julliand and Vivi Yulaswati is posing with Those Not Left Behind book on a stage
Caption: Valerie Julliand, Resident Coordinator of UN in Indonesia and Vivie Yulaswati, Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs and Natural Resources at BAPPENAS launched the book "Those Not Left Behind" which tells the stories of 22 individuals in different parts of Indonesia who have benefited from the cooperation between the UN and the Indonesian government.
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia March 21 – The United Nations, in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia and its development partners, today announced the launch of a new book presenting 22 real life stories that bring to life the principle at the heart of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the commitment to leave no one behind. it is a reminder that development must benefit all segments of society, especially those most in need - the neglected, the remote, and the overlooked.

"The essence of sustainable development lies in our collective promise to leave no one behind. This book brings to life the stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed through our concerted efforts," said Valerie Julliand, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Indonesia.

Crafted through the lens of real-life heroes, from firefighters in Riau’s peatlands to educators in West Java special needs schools, refugees offering hope through education or CEOs championing gender equality, the book narrates 22 life experiences that illustrate the impact of the UN's diverse work in Indonesia. The online version is available here.

"The stories within these pages are more than just accounts of assistance and progress; they are a testament to the resilience and spirit of the Indonesian people. They remind us of the core of our mission here – to uphold the dignity and rights of every individual," Julliand added.

Valerie Julliand speaking behind a podium with the picture of the book as the background
Caption: The Resident Coordinator of UN in Indonesia, Valerie Julliand, delivers a speech at the book launch of Those Not Left Behind.
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

As the world's fourth most populous and archipelagic nation, Indonesia presents unique challenges and opportunities in sustainable development. The UN leverages its global expertise, coordinates with myriad development partners, and supports the Indonesian government with policy advice and ground projects, many of which are scaled to benefit broader populations.

“This book goes beyond programs. It lets 22 Indonesians tell their stories of positive change, showcasing the UN's impact on those who were most at risk of being left behind. Backed by the groundbreaking LNOB study, the book equips the UN and Bappenas with the data needed to dismantle systematic barriers and ensure no one is left behind in Indonesia's future,” said Vivi Yulaswati, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of National Development (BAPPENAS).  

Vivi Yulaswati speaking behind a podium with the book picture as the background
Caption: Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs and Resources of Bappennas, Vivi Yulaswati, launches "Those not left behind" book.
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

The cooperation between the government and the UN is anchored in the broader country-level Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, a strategic partnership between the UN and the Government of Indonesia, developed in support of the country’s own development agenda.

Understanding the root causes of marginalization

Also today, the UN in Indonesia published a study providing insights into the development of resilience systems that could positively impact the lives of people with disabilities residing in under-developed areas. This group was identified in a 2022 UN in Indonesia study as one of the most marginalized in the country.

The objective of this new analysis was to acquire a nuanced understanding that could contribute to the advancement of the status of these marginalized communities.

The study findings highlight the specific challenges faced by persons with disabilities and elaborate on strategic insights for driving inclusive development. The study further offers an operational guide for leaving no one behind, which emphasizes the importance of adopting a rights-based approach, developing context-specific solutions, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

Dozens of head of UN agencies and senior representatives of the government
Caption: Representatives from UN Agencies in Indonesia and representatives from Indonesian ministries pose for a group photo holding the book "Those Not Left Behind" at the launch event.
Photo: © UNIC Jakarta

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